Various Klezmer Festival 1998: Live at the Knitting Factory

As live compilations go this one benefits from a strong array of individual musicians, bands and music. Although Hasidic New Wave, Naftuli’s Dream, Klezmokum, Paradox Trio, Pharoah’s Daughter and Psychedelicatessen approach klezmer from jazz perspectives, the diversity and individualism of their instrumentation distinguishes one band from another. Much more than just a fad of the late ‘90s, this fresh hybrid is a vibrant introduction to Hasidic ecstasy with inspiring interpretations of ancient musical modes and traditions. Frank London’s very different roles with Hasidic New Wave and the aptly entitled Psychedelicatessen indicate why this fresh jazz tradition will continue to thrive and prove at least as compelling and enduring as Latin jazz. Strongly recommended. (Knitting Factory)