Various Juno

A soundtrack should capture the soul of a film, but in recent years the trend has been to exploit consumers by releasing completely irrelevant songs by popular artists. Thankfully, the soundtrack to Juno is as endearing as the film itself. Of course, there’s good reason for that, unfolding using the sequence on record the songs were used in on screen. Conceived around the music of Kimya Dawson (the personal choice of star Ellen Page, who duets with co-star Michael Cera on a cover of "Anyone Else But You,” a song by Dawson’s old band the Moldy Peaches), the album certainly encapsulates Juno’s quirky personality, honourably using the old (the Kinks, the Velvet Underground) with the contemporary (Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian). It’s refreshing to see the inimitable Dawson get recognition but like most soundtracks, the dominance of any one artist throws the flow out of whack. Juno isn’t much of an album per se, but any super-fan of the film will find it a delightful keepsake of this memorable little indie flick. (Rhino)