Various Instant Classics Volume One

There are many problems that can come up when the words "instant classic” appear in the title of an album, one of which might be that as an artist, if you fail to deliver anything but, you could come off looking much worse than you actually are. No Plan B, a self proclaimed "world-class” production company based out of Vancouver, BC, release a ten-track album dubbed Instant Classics Volume One. All songs are written and produced by the trio of Jigs Dimaculangan, Allan Bacani and Allan Mercado. The tracks all have generally the same vibe of innocent love, with Neptunes-inspired, synthesiser-infused beats that bring to mind the ideals associated with an Archie comic (i.e., hanging out at the malt shop, chewing bubblegum and going steady with your main squeeze). This is an R&B album that doesn’t have any of the nastiness of an R. Kelly album per se, but at the same time could use some of the vocal range and production skills. The singers (Marie Hui, Jill Quinto and Jigs, who pulls double duty) are not terrible singers by any stretch but there’s a prevailing feeling that something is missing. While they don’t have a plan B, it isn’t to say they necessarily need one. However, they are in need of plenty of tweaking and a more apt name for their record. (No Plan B)