Various Hello, We Are The Militia Group / Volume 1

Featuring unreleased material that actually makes you wonder why it wasn’t released, the 16 tracks on this low-priced comp offer an excellent look at the Militia Group’s varied and extremely talented roster. The standout here is an acoustic track by the Beautiful Mistake that was intended for inclusion on Fearless’ recent Punk Goes Acoustic; one has to wonder why the song never made it, seeing as it easily could have been one of the strongest tracks. Copeland’s alternate version of "Testing The Strong Ones” offers an interesting variation on the album version of the song, painting a touching picture of the pain of watching the suffering of loved ones. Brandston’s cover of "King of Pain” is just different enough to warrant its recording, while recognising and not tampering with what made the Police’s original so compelling. With several unique promotions accompanying this compilation’s release, including a Willy Wonka-style gold ticket hidden inside one CD which gets the winner a track of their own on the next Militia comp, this is a good time to be a fan of Militia bands. (Militia Group)