Various Glücklich III

For his third gathering of “Brazilian flavours from the past and present,” compiler Rainer Trüby pulls again from his own massive record collection to offer an exceptional example of the huge influence that Brazilian music has had on European-produced underground dance music. The DJ and producer — a former member of Forest Mighty Black and current Rainer Trüby Trio ringleader (collaborating with the two members of Fauna Flash) — is a huge fan of "all things jazzy" who delights in sharing his finds. "I get my inspiration from a lot of different things," he says. "Obviously Brazilian music, but also soul and boogie disco stuff and I hope to spread the music more and more." His passion is infectious and, coupled with his open ears, has resulted in a bang-on assortment. Percussion is key on a number of pieces, from the dense, rich opener of Pathless' "Goddess" to Jean-Claude Kerinec's explosive, jazzy 1982 batucada "Samba." "The percussion side of things is definitely universal — it gets the people going," says the man whose own Trio contributes the percussive gem "Prima Vera," complete with slinky bass line and lovely keyboard chords. Da Lata's heart-stopping "Pra Manha" positively shines with its alluring acoustic guitar, touches of accordion and vocals of Liliana Chachian. Brazilian-flavoured deep house sounds are increasingly the rage, and Bob Sinclair's remix of Tom & Joyce's "Vai Minha Tristeza" beautifully illustrates why. Featuring sliding jazzy bass lines, driving piano and the most beautiful of vocals, this track will have listeners closing their eyes and imagining dance floor bliss — much like Glücklich III as a whole. (Compost)