Various Future Sounds of Jazz 11

Filled with jumpy beats that dart through 12 eclectic nu-jazz tracks hovering between global house and techno, Future Sound of Jazz 11 brings the tempo and spirit up a notch. Compiled by Compost founder/owner Michael Reinboth, who started in 1994 handpicking upcoming artists from across the globe, number 11 more than ever marries big sounds with fresh, friendly vibes to resounding success. Grabbing your attention immediately with the stand-up groove of the nu-jazz string arrangements on "Salome,” by Joash, and continuing into the bumping Latin percussion of "Drum Rhythm A,” Christian Prommer’s tech-jazz rework of Koop’s original, the whole thing jostles rhythms and flavours from every genre. Whether broken, glitched-out, tuba-laced or steadfast, Future Sounds of Jazz 11 never loses hold of a solid groove. Dennis Ferrar makes old school keyboards and the house shuffle new again with "Son of Raw,” and No Theory’s "Strictly Instrumental” brings in a classy, minimal tech drive to the nu-jazz stream. At the same time, there are enough edgy tracks to make the listener aware they are being privy to some sophisticated rarities amidst all the dance floor fun. (Compost)