Various The Funky 16 Corners

In the past year or so, Stones Throw has diversified from its hip-hop base, bringing the sampledelic throw-downs of Breakestra and Madlib's jazzy excursion as Yesterday's New Quintet. With these releases label honchos Peanut Butter Wolf and Egon have demonstrated their dedication to documenting the musical lineage of hip-hop, and this compilation is no different. The compilation is comprised of raw funk recorded in the late '60s and early '70s by artists that you probably won't recognise. However, some of the breaks contained herein will be immediately recognisable to those weaned on hip-hop, and the detailed liner notes that include present day insight from the artists are invaluable in navigating the funky terrain. The link between old and new is no more apparent than on the Co-Real Artists' "What About You (In The World Today)." As well as featuring family members of Mixmaster Wolf, Breakestra's raspy-voiced vocalist, it is a 1974 proto-rap nugget on a compilation full of treasures. Essential. (Stones Throw)