Various Frikyiwa Collection 1

Frederick Galliano's new Afro-house label has come up with a vital collection that hints at a possible future for African music. Many have criticised African artists who have incorporated too much electronic slickness into their music: Angelique Kidjo, Cheb Khaled and Salif Keita come to mind. However, this criticism begs the assumption that African artists ought to forgo technology in favour of traditional drumming and other more identifiably "ethnic" trappings. This remix album represents a dynamic fusion between beats for the dance floor and applied knowledge of traditional African beats, not all of which translates into house-style booty bumpers. Frikyiwa Collection 1 is a rarity among remix albums - eight remixes that significantly change the original sources for the better. Every single one of these mixes adds new ideas to the source material, plotting new directions in temps, without smoothing out their original edges. Absolute standouts include the mellow Gambian garage of Nahawa Doumbia's "Yankaw," the post-electro beats of I.G. Culture's take on "Fatien" and two super-dubbed versions of Djigui's "Ladilikan." Jeff Sharel's conceptual six/eight workout on Neba Solo's "Cinporoko Nonougoro" also stands out. This is music that is sure to incite dancing, but it is even more rewarding on repeated listening. (Frikyiwa)