Various Flunk Democracy: Personal Stereo Versions

Flunk Democracy showcases 16 remixes and remakes of three chosen tracks off Flunk’s recent album, Personal Stereo. "If We Kiss,” "Diet of Water and Love” and of course, "Personal Stereo” were recreated and uploaded by countless fans across the globe, and 16 of the presumably best made it to this CD. Moving between downer indie rock, glitchy broken beat and a few house and trance melds, Personal Stereo Versions, based on content alone, is no doubt a collection completer for many Flunk fans. It too could point to a wired world future of endless remixes based on artist/fan collaborations. Still, while it’s not a bad taste of some up and comers who get a novel launching pad, it is fair to say there are only so many renditions of "Personal Stereo” one can take. Given the source, the majority of down-tempo selections come across as Björk in a late night, midi-endowed piano bar, and the up-tempo tracks seem to bounce out of nowhere and conclude in understated Euro-trance. Appreciably, they do liven things up near the end, if only just a little. (Beat Service)