Various Concrete Waves

Produced by skateboard legend Duane Peters (the Huns, U.S. Bombs), this CD takes a stab at reviving the infamous Thrasher skate compilations of the '80s and falls flat on its face. JFA, one of the originators of skate rock, sounds off with five tracks that sound barely like JFA at all. They're now slower, angrier and gruff sounding, however they do put in two solid tracks with "Nude Bowl Resurrection" and the instrumental "Death-Box." Duane Peters' nephew's band, the Worthless, spew out five juvenile throwaway songs that are not worth mentioning. And unfortunately the best effort put in on this release is by Blue Collar Special, a generic sounding Rancid-meets-Swinging Utters band. Hopefully the next concrete wave will be a tsunami, because this barely makes a ripple. (Disaster)