Various Compost Community

Dreamy, acid jazzy, soulful and uprising, with an abundance of sunshiny vocals, Compost Community is a sonic medicinal upper from first track to last. This compilation opens up with Beanfield's "The Season," which features rhythmic spoken word set to fine percussive arrangements. "A Forest Mighty Black" and Procreation's "Citizen" are gorgeous, tripped-out, dub-jazz tracks that glide as smoothly as riding half-asleep in the backseat of a car, along a nocturnal stretch of city highway. The latter track I would compare to the work of acid jazz legends the Young Disciple's "Step Right On." Wordless People's "Positivity" is an excellent deep house track, comparable to the work of Jasper Dahlback. That being said, I would put my money on "Badman & Throbin," by Minus 8, which smells like classic club anthem material to be ranked with Armand Van Helden's "You Don't Know Me." This tune pays tribute to old school motown-soul crossbred with contemporary house - the kind of track that shatters crowd inhibitions and draws even the sideliners into the thick of the dance floor. For all DJs into uplifting sounds, get the releases of Compost Community in your crates! (Compost)