Various Burn to Shine - Chicago, IL 09.13.2004

Volume two of Brendan Canty's fascinating Burn to Shine series is a brilliant-looking film featuring artists from Chicago playing songs over the course of nine hours. Musicians descended upon a 100-year-old house scheduled for demolition and played one song each for director Christoph Green's cameras. With curator/engineer/musician Bob Weston, the day featured amazing performances by the likes of Lonesome Organist, Pit Er Pat and Red Eyed Legends. Expected highlights like Tortoise's rendition of "Salt the Skies" and Wilco's mesmerising "Muzzle of Bees," as well as new songs by Freakwater and Shellac, are completely fulfilling. It's the ultimate community snapshot, a great house party with a purpose. Plus: gallery. (Trixie,