Various The Blue Night Network

Cleverly named after Toronto's overnight public transit service, this excellent compilation is a follow-up to the well-received Code: 416. Blue Night Network brings together a collection of emerging artists who draw on drum & bass, techno, house and hip-hop to create a tangible unifying atmosphere. On Blue Night Network that mood is overwhelmingly dark and foreboding, yet dangerously enticing. Beginning with Moonstarr's vicious foray into drum & bass, appropriately named "No Compromise," things proceed in a rough and ready manner including Genetic's increasingly frenetic "Urgency" and Cold Mission's (Marc Mac of 4 Hero) "Shallow Grave." Another artist appearing in an alternate guise is Murr, also known as Mr. Murray of hip-hop production team Da Grassroots. The melodic ambience of his "Lansdowne" offering is indicative of the second half's smoother material. Fittingly, the bright dispositions of the last two tracks, Altitude's bouncy "Wrong Signals" and Maxelle's soulful "The French Connection," evoke the gradual emergence of dawn from illicit nocturnal business. (Public Transit)