Various Bare Skin

What keeps this compilation from consideration for the label’s Aberfoyle Springs Compilation series is beyond my understanding since many of the artists appearing on Bare Skin have appeared on one or both volumes of the Aberfoyle Springs compilations: Anonymous Twist, Celph Titled, LoDeck, Braille, Storm the Unpredictable, Jeff Spec, Moves and so many more. Bare Skin doesn’t start out as hype as Aberfoyle Springs Volume 2 but it gets up to speed quick enough. Plus the compilation as a whole doesn’t gel nearly as well either with more noticeable filler. Still, there are some damn fine moments. "Title Track” is a slamming ode to rap albums by Jon Doe with 7L & Esoteric. Jon Doe is also responsible for one of the album’s most creatively enjoyable beats with "It’s A Shame” for Prophetix, and a more generic "These Bills,” which guest C Rayz Walz does up proper. "Dish Pig Pt II” is Fermented Reptile’s groovy working class woes with an old-school influence. Angle offers up a dance-y, dire warning with "Local Earth,” while Jeff Spec impresses with one of his most creative beats on "Everybody” and Frek Sho contribute an almost-as-good remix of their already great "Fort Rouge.” Another successful compilation from the label that’s building a reputation for quality compilations. (