Various Anthems 1991-2008

UK’s iconic Ministry of Sound quite literally began from the ground up. The nightclub was built in 1991 on the site of a disused bus depot. This club’s uprising continued through the ’90s as dance music was driven out of the countryside and into the nightclubs after Britain’s notorious "repetitive beats” bill became the Criminal Justice Act in 1994. Through the last almost two decades that Ministry of Sound’s been acting as an implicit guiding light for electronic sounds, so much great music has emerged and progressed that to sort through it and find those definitive anthems could only be done by those experienced enough to know their shit, and know it well. And this is where Ministry of Sound excels. Long-time house music fans will be happy to hear historical and essential music reminiscent of the days when a certain mélange of beats moved a person’s feet and emotions effortlessly. New fans will also enjoy Anthems 1991-2008 for its textbook gathering of the instrumental artists that characterised a genre. (Fusion III)