Various Vulnerabilities + Consequences

Obscure electro music enthusiast Edwin Wong presents Vulnerabilities + Consequences on his new Canadian imprint, Unrecognized. Available on twelve-inch vinyl and as a digital download, this six-track compilation starts with Ghostly label artist and Toronto electro-pop pioneer Solvent. "Write Switch" is distinctly Solvent, with his use of gurgling synths and memorable melodies, but with a novel, slightly acidic touch. Noise Factory Record's Minisystem switches from his signature melodic synth pop and turns up the party with "Cheap Thrills," a high-energy electro number with bubbling arpeggios. Detroit's Goudron delivers the robotic and endearing "One in a Million," a nostalgic '80s pop song full of catchy synth melodies. Solvent co-conspirator Lowfish gives us "Geometry Is Never Wrong," a brooding, punishing techno workout. Beta Evers' "Schizophrenia" is a dark, moody vocal track punctuated with sparse, lo-fi beats and eerie analog filter sweeps. GD Luxxe wraps it up with "Cities," a spectral synth pop piece that conjures an unearthly nocturnal metropolis. Vulnerabilities + Consequences is a diverse but promising first release showcasing a solid array of new and established electro talent. (Unrecognized)