Various Video Games Live Level 2

Video Games Live Level 2 is exactly what the title suggests: music from different videogames, played live. These concerts have been taking place for a few years now, with an orchestra and choir cranking out familiar tunes to an audience of rabid fans who roar with approval when they hear their favourites. This is the perfect example of a niche product that will only appeal to certain people ― the same fans who actually go see the concerts in the first place ― and that is who will pick this up so they can relive their experience. Even other videogame fans will find the diversity of the music selected a little baffling because there will definitely be some unfamiliar tunes. The most memorable tracks are the simplest ones, in particular the music from the Mario games, which is instantly recognisable to anybody who has played any of the moustachioed plumber's iterations. Too much of the rest falls into that generic Japanese videogame music category, with stirring strings building to a crescendo, which would accompany an equally stirring moment in the game. But without the actual experience of playing the game, Video Games Live is fairly forgettable. (Shout! Factory)