Various Strade Trasperenti

Compiling original music composed for the film of the same name, Strade Trasperenti is a series of sonic journeys. Fittingly, the film (part of an intended tetralogy to be set in Brazil) is considered by its creator to be a Ciné Voyage ― one that uses the Brazilian countryside as a mirror to reflect the universality of the act of travelling. The music itself was composed by a selection of artists spanning the Western world: Australian improvisers the Necks rub shoulders with England's Mira Calix and American artists David Grubbs, O-Type and Mute Socialite. Each piece reflects on the voyage from a different angle. The Necks' lengthy "Transparent Roads" is an extended series of repetitive note clusters. David Grubbs, on the other hand, employs drawn-out tones from a lone electric guitar. This is perfect soundtrack material, in which the sounds parallel the themes and imagery of the motion picture. (Staubgold)