Soul Diesel 2

BY Kevin PressPublished Apr 19, 2018

Music lovers of a certain age have an annoying tendency to inflict their taste on others: "Man, if this album doesn't move you, you don't have a soul." And it is almost always about soul. Somewhere in the world, there is a cabal of baby boomers dictating what percentage of the Stax/Atlantic/Motown cannon is required listening for the world's legitimate music fans.
That all said, if Jazz Dispensary's new Soul Diesel 2 collection doesn't move you, you're dead inside.
Featuring seven meaty slices of vintage jazz soul, this may be the best reissue comp introduced for 2018's Record Store Day. We get the pipe-smoking, guitar-playing Billy Butler and his "The Twang Thang." Cal Tjader, Latin jazz's hippest non-Latino, is here with his vibe classic "Mamblues." So are Rusty Bryant, Gene Ammons, Idris Muhammad, Melvin Sparks and the Merl Saunders Quintet.
Jazz Dispensary released volume one of this series for the 2016 edition of Record Store Day. Jazz Dispensary: Cosmic Stash combined soul-jazz, jazz-funk, fusion and other subgenres (reportedly chosen to complement use of the indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains).
It almost goes without saying that these tracks have supplied sample materials for decades. That — along with the fact that there is a 180-gram orange swirl vinyl pressing — makes this a must-have for DJs. But you don't need a pair of 1200s to appreciate this. Soul Diesel 2 even makes Sonos sound funky.
(Jazz Dispensary)

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