Various Shredded Wheat Vol. One

Apparently, the prairies are a heavy, heavy place. A compilation of Western Canadian hardcore from Regina-based Harvest King Records, things kick off with a gloriously ham-fisted skate punk cover of "Losing My Religion" from Kleins96 that might fool you into thinking it's 1995. Rehashed push shit a little further with "Soup Stain Graves," a brutal piece of throwback hardcore that's rivalled only by Invasion's "Goodnight" for best of the heavy on the compilation. A few left-field inclusions keep things interesting. Oye!'s "Chan Chan" is a Latin-tinged hip-hop track (but, like, hip-hop that punks can get down to), while West Port Murders offer their best Pogues-y punk with "Time Wasted." Then there's Molten Lava, a two-man stoner punk wrecking crew that offer up the standout "Put Your Hand In The Pocket." Like a good scene report, Shredded Wheat sheds light on what the punks are doing in the middle of the country. Conclusion: it's rad. (Harvest King)