Various Jazz & Milk Breaks - Compilation Series Vol.2

Munich's Jazz & Milk label continues its outstanding Breaks compilation series, and the second instalment certainly eclipses its predecessor, in terms of both club jams and musical variety. The Jazz & Milk formula is still present: elements of classic funk, soul jazz and Latin grooves, with slamming contemporary beats and production are all present on Cesar Granados's take on Dizzy Gillespie's "Manteca" and Envee's remix of Pinnawela's "You Can Dance," which should result in some serious dance floor play, but they may sound a bit too self-consciously hip and slick. What stands out on this set, however, are the more darkly textured and funkier tunes, like Dusty's remix of the Boogoos' "The Journey/Ghana '74," a truly sick Afrobeat jam with a moody flute solo and a hypnotic clavinet line driving a relentless groove into a funk nirvana. This might function as the perfect soundtrack for an upcoming holiday party. (Jazz & Milk)