Various 50 Weapons of Choice #10-19

The 50 Weapons label came to be long before Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert (aka Modeselektor) established the ever-expanding Monkeytown Records. Introduced in 2006, 50 Weapons started as an anonymous white label series free of artist names, release info and cover art, and was subsequently released as 50 Weapons of Choice #02-09. The follow-up, #10-19, is rife with labelmates and newcomers, and, as evidenced by previous Modeselektor-compiled compilations, artists adept at producing such bare sound that still resonates with heady bass. "Zeppelin" by Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka, for example, smacks of a Ratatat track stripped of everything but its liquefied, expanding synth, with handfuls of ample bass and backbeat thrown behind it. Opening and closing tracks "Creeper" and "Infamous," again composed by Damage and Daneeka, are appropriate bookends for the ten-track album. They are spot-on representations of the woozy synths and borderline dubstep 50 Weapons of Choice #10-19 encompasses. (50 Weapons)