The Vare "Another Reflection" (video)

The Vare 'Another Reflection' (video)
Montreal outfit the Vare have a new collection due out in early 2016, and for a taste of what they have in store, the band have shared a video for "Another Reflection."

The song is a seductive electro-soul ballad that uses post-rock-esque instrumentation to establish a spacious, smouldering groove. The accompanying video shows a relationship playing out between two women, as intimate romance gives way to an argument and climaxes in a choreographed dance routine. This storyline is intercut with footage of the band performing.

The clip was made by Toronto production house Paper Frame Pictures and was directed by Erica Orofino. It was originally set to star a man and a woman, but the male lead injured his ankle on the day of the shoot and couldn't perform.

The Vare explains, "The video started as a story about broken, unrequited love; a young man and woman trying to make the best out of what used to be a solid relationship. One constantly trying to pull the other up, asking the audience if this makes for a functioning, healthy relationship?"

Watch it below.