Vancouver's Winsome Kind Reveal Debut Album

Vancouver's Winsome Kind Reveal Debut Album
Last year, former Redgy Blackout member Scott Perrie went solo for his Everything Gives EP, and now he's started another new project. This time, the Vancouver songwriter has teamed with his wife Leora Joy under the name Winsome Kind. The duo will release their self-titled album on October 7.

Perrie and Joy met two years ago when performing in Saskatchewan with the production The Buddy Holly Story. They went on a train tour the next year and recorded this album just a couple of weeks before their wedding.

It was made with local producer and Zolas member Tom Dobrzanski (Said the Whale, We Are the City), who previously helmed Perrie's solo EP. Dobrzanski contributed piano and keys, and a rhythm section also helped out in the studio.

A press release promises "intricate harmonies" and "vocals that blend together seamlessly." For a taste of this, scroll past the tracklist below to check out a couple of acoustic performance videos.

In addition to the shows listed below, the pair will be playing some Western Canadian gigs in October, but these have yet to be detailed.

Winsome Kind:

1. Better Days
2. This Much Is True
3. Intertwined
4. When I Wait
5. Outside Looking In
6. Burning Out
7. My Goodbye
8. All I Ever Wanted
9. Sunrise