Vancouver's NAP Enters 'Uncharted' Territory with 1080p

Vancouver's NAP Enters 'Uncharted' Territory with 1080p
Colombia-born, Vancouver-based producer Daniel Rincon has just launched a new project called NAP, but rather than sleep his days away he's already prepared a full-length album.

Following Rincon's dalliances in guitar-based noise music, Uncharted marks the debut offering from NAP. The nine-song album is a breezy, minimal jaunt through IDM, house and techno.

As a press release explains, "Uncharted strays as far from purist electronic ideals as possible in its melting pot type of hybridity; transparent in its inspirations and instinctually celebratory."

The album will arrive on July 7 via 1080p. It can be pre-ordered here.


1. Urban Fare
2. Don't Forget The Records
3. U19
4. Scorpio Moon
5. GSM
6. Soul Divine
7. Worms
8. Bogotá
9. Contra III