Vancouver U2 Fan to Join Band Onstage for Documentary

Vancouver U2 Fan to Join Band Onstage for Documentary
As always, Irish rock mainstays U2 continue to be down for a variety of PR stunts. Following the whole iTunes thing, they recently busked in a New York subway station. Up next, they'll help a fan face his fears by letting him join them onstage in Vancouver.

Patrick Stark is a Vancouver-based filmmaker who's been working on a documentary called One Life No Regrets since 2009. The film takes its name from U2's 1991 single "One," but that's apparently not the band's only involvement. After all, it'll now conclude with Stark joining them onstage at Rogers Arena this Friday (May 15).

As the Vancouver Courier reports, Stark's film already features interviews with U2 producers Steve Lillywhite and Daniel Lanois. While they were rehearsing in Vancouver, Stark managed to catch the band's attention.

When Bono and co. were spotted by a friend at Vancouver eatery Chambar, Stark made his way over. "I'm a guinea pig in my own film, facing fear," Stark told the rocker, adding that he wanted the final scene of the flick to feature him singing to a packed arena.

"I thought, okay, I've done it now," Stark recalled to the Courier. "Then, half a second later, Bono said, 'Sure... what are you doing Friday night?' I said I have two tickets to your show."

Patrick Stark has invested $500,000 of his own money into One Life No Regrets. He previously worked as an assistant director on The X-Files.

U2's world tour kicks off at Rogers Arena tonight (May 14), where they'll perform for two nights in a row. From there, they'll kick off the rest of their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. The full itinerary is available here.