Vampire Moose Vampire Moose

I'm diggin' what this bunch of St. Louis loonies are doing (I think). Vampire Moose possess a sound that seemingly could only find a home on the wonderfully inconsistent Rotten Records, a kind of bouncy ironic groove-laden modern metal, one that teases with its similarities to all things nu, but also maintains a hardcore underground feel. Oh yeah, it sure can get annoying at times, but there are moments of clarity amidst this cacophony that will make up for the messiness that bogs a lot of these tracks down. Main trouble with this is the overwhelming feeling that I'm out of the loop when it comes to the joke that everyone in this band is in on; I mean, when those simple grooves get my feet tappin', are the guys in the band tappin' along or are they pointing at me and laughing? God damned if I know, but back to the start: I'm diggin' this (at least I think I am). (Rotten)