Vampire Can't Key Cutter

With the sound of a dozen unstable quarry employees releasing their frustration by flinging themselves into an unsuspecting stone crushing machine, Vampire Can’t unleash 33 minutes of skull-crushing pummel and torturous squelch upon innocent eardrums. Key Cutter is the trio’s first release, but the individual members have their own prolific careers apart from this collaboration. Massachusetts stick wielder Chris Corsano has been shredding grey matter for almost ten years, having performed in a countless number of groups specialising in improvised "energy music.” He has most recently been spotted as a new member of Thurston Moore’s free jazz horror crew Dream/Aktion Unit. As Vampire Belt, Corsano and guitarist Bill Nace are noise junk purveyors, while Jessica Rylan is a sound artist and builder of analogue synthesisers, who performs solo as Can’t. So there you have it: Vampire Belt + Can’t = Vampire Can’t. Rylan’s synthesised squall wraps itself around Nace’s hysterical guitar antics and Corsano’s unrelenting drum assault. A sense of violent urgency runs through the entire recording, as if Apocalypse is imminent and the trio are searching for the fourth horseman on a ravaged Earth. It’s fitting, as this is perfect music for witnessing the slaughter of innocents and the death by nuclear device of our entire civilisation. (Load)