Upgrade HipHop

"Noto's Blue Period" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 23, 2015

Are you looking to upgrade your hip-hop collection? Then start with Upgrade HipHop, an Upstate New York rapper whose album Chemical Imbalance: Another Dose will arrive on November 13 through Equal Vision Records. In the lead-up to the release, he's now premiering a video for the track "Noto's Blue Period."

Chemical Imbalance: Another Dose is an expanded reissue of the 2014 album Chemical Imbalance, and "Noto's Blue Period" is one of the bonus tracks that's exclusive to the reissue. The song is an introspective rap ballad about loneliness and personal struggles, and the video brings the lyrics to life by showing Upgrade HipHop delivering his rhymes inside the bedroom of a solitary artist. The rapper acts as something of a guardian angel, remaining invisible to the protagonist, who smokes and sketches in his notebook.

In a statement, here's what Upgrade HipHop had to say about the track: "'Noto's Blue Period' is about a friend of mine, Noto, who is an incredible artist but has been dealing with major depression and OCD, I named it his 'blue period' because Picasso had a series of paintings done during his 'blue period' that all had a shade of blue inspired by a friend of his that committed suicide."

Watch the clip below. You can also pre-order Chemical Imbalance: Another Dose over here

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