Update: The Streets' Mike Skinner Abandons France Walk

Update: The Streets' Mike Skinner Abandons France Walk
It looks like the Streets’ Mike Skinner may be calling off his walk from the south of France to Britain.

As previously reported, the British MC/producer has been hoofing it across France to get video footage for his upcoming "music video-type music video" for his new track, "The Escapist.” But according to Skinner’s most recent post on his MySpace blog, he has had to postpone the remainder of the trek because he forgot he had a show to do in Austria. Also, it seems he may be abandoning the trip all together.

Skinner explains: "[I] hadn't realized that I had a gig to do in Austria tomorrow [May 21]….After the sharp intake and choking up of my duet of roasted goat, we figured we could make Nice airport quite comfortably if I put on a brisk walk for 36 hours….I made the flight to Vienna and I have to make the decision whether to go back for more walking or home to my bed and back to Stevie's house to edit the video.”

Skinner goes to on say that he hasn’t exactly been roughing it in France as he originally planned and has fallen off the "proverbial wagon,” as he puts it.

"The rules of my walking adventure through France have been bent slightly,” Skinner writes. "Ted Mayhem offered me his clothes and a meal in a lovely restaurant. I couldn't refuse. The descriptions on the menu were so funny and as Ted read them to me out the car window I salivated profusely. Stevie also broke out the Campari. We dined like French kings speaking in broken Latin-influenced romantic words. Words like 'Merci' and 'Avez vous une bicyclette?'”

Despite the change in plans, Skinner doesn’t seem too upset about the whole thing, and says he has enough good footage from the trip for the video. To see what he’s got himself into so far, you can view images of his trip here.