Cross Contamination

BY I. KhiderPublished Jan 1, 2006

Opening with heavily distorted guitar followed by drilling breaks, Unitus, aka Daniel Ross, clamours with a powerful, menacing yet adrenaline-inducing racket. Cross Contamination is what might occur if Soviet-era mechanics were exposed to contemporary Western club music, then returned to their hangar and created their own version. Bristling with feedback, noise, blazing distortion and powerful breaks, these tracks are not so much composed as they are forged in flames and welded together. A lot of the tracks start off as formless noise and from that chaos heavy pounding breaks emerge, working in harmony with the hearty distortion. The liner art really sets the listening tone, since it features drawings of Soviet Bloc artillery done in a propaganda poster-style, which evokes mental images of the Red Guard marching through Moscow while the high command busts a move in Red Square. If you like your breaks and noise put together with sheet metal and rivets, rather than pansy virtual gear, then pledge allegiance to the mighty Unitus.

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