Underwolves/Various Under Your Sky Remixes

The great (and sometimes not so great) thing about remix records is that you get a wide variety of genres thrown at you, and the different takes on original material are always fascinating, if done well. Within the first three tracks of the manipulated Under Your Sky we get this taste of genre crossing that works so well. Earthbound takes the already beautiful "Bird Song" and throws an ultra-slinky and slow groove to Jeb and Madeleine's sexy vocals, slipping the listener into a trance of dusty grooves. But things stir up with the fast-paced drums that Origin Unknown engulfs "Under Your Sky" with, flipping the mood of the record onto its head. Then we're greeted with a super-chunky hip-hop break courtesy of Heavy Manners, taking equal parts of the first two tracks and shoving a neck-snapping rendition of "So Black It's Blue" in your ears. It's this multi-faced style of remix albums that keep things interesting, rather than playing it safe - allowing producers of various electronic realms to completely mangle tracks and create a completely different sound altogether. Top names have turned out as well, including Photek and his patented drums of death, Fauna Flash taking reworking duties on a pair of tracks and the gem of the record lying in the hands of the Divine Stylers (not the MC) Andy C and Ant Miles, weaving their heavy, sinister hip-hop beats. Though the record sort of comes undone within the closing tracks, there's enough variety on the Under Your Sky Remixes to keep listeners entertained and on their toes as to what style is around the corner. (Compost)