Underoath Document Farewell Tour with 'Tired Violence' Film

Underoath Document Farewell Tour with 'Tired Violence' Film
Though Underoath are long gone, the metalcore act's legacy will not soon be forgotten. At least, that's what the members are hoping via the release of an upcoming music doc titled Tired Violence.

Underoath recently revealed that the movie has been on the go for a while now, having been shot by a professional film production company during the group's 12-show farewell tour in 2013. However, as explained in a trailer for the film that you can see down below, the company went out of business, leaving Underoath to finish the documentary on their own.

Tired Violence is set to explore the band's history, all the way up to the decision to call it quits. The trailer reveals snippets of concert footage from the final dates and has its band members talking about the ups-and-downs of being in a long-running band. You can also get more back story on how the band took over the project in another video down below.

Underoath have not yet completed the film, and are asking fans to contribute funds to help the project move along. You can donate over here.

Additionally, pre-order page has been created, with items listed including a Blu-ray release, a digital version of the film, and bundles packaging the flick with T-shirts and posters. You can get more info, including details on some U.S. screening events, over here. The film is expected to arrive by May 1.