Tyler, the Creator to Launch His Own Online TV Network

Tyler, the Creator to Launch His Own Online TV Network
Tyler, the Creator has already helped to spearhead a TV show, Loiter Squad, and now the Odd Future leader is getting an entire network of his own.

This will be through Whalerock, a company owned by Lloyd Braun, a former ABC/Yahoo senior exec (who is not to be confused with the hapless Seinfeld character). It will be launching a number of internet "media hubs" for various celebs like the Kardashian sister, Howard Stern and Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler spoke about his plans at the Code/Media conference in Dana Point, CA, saying, "We're just cutting out the middleman. Technically, I'm creating my own network. I'm creating my own MTV, my own Cartoon Network on this thing. It's just basically my brain in one place."

Braun will be involved, but Tyler said that the network would be "my vision" and that Braun would be "there to deal with the stuff I don't want to deal with. I get to be the creative guy."

Variety quotes Braun as saying, "Today's digital world gives influential brands the opportunity to connect directly with their audience and consumers. Whalerock is providing influential brands the platform, production infrastructure and other capabilities required to create and program unique and innovative direct-to-consumer Media Hubs."

The network will be available on the web and through a mobile app, with a mixture of paid and free content.

Tyler's not sure if the venture will be profitable, but he explained, "It's not about the money for me. I wanted my own network. I wanted to do something cool. It's always about me doing something that I think is awesome."

Stay tuned for more about Tyler's network. It's due to launch by the end of June.