Tycho Returns with 'Dive'

Tycho Returns with 'Dive'
It's been a couple of years since Scott Hansen has released any ethereal music under his Tycho handle, and five years since his full-length debut Past Is Prologue came out, but the hazy beatsmith is finally back with his official sophomore set, Dive.

Despite the long gap between albums, Hansen hasn't been slacking off. The last few years have seen him focus on visual arts under the pseudonym ISO50, but according to a press release, he put his graphic arts career on hold to work on the "double-exposed soundscapes" of Dive.

Described as "a restless vision of prog-rock -- one that's been coated in neon colors and filtered through a thick piece of blotter paper," the disc is primed as "the most diverse musical statement of Hansen's multi-medium career." Newly premiered cut "Hours," which you can stream here, is a sun-warped, warbling house jam, while its title track features "wildly expressive tone poetry."

Though some tracks feature the textured guitar stylings of his past work, Dive is as forward-thinking for the artist as it is rooted in his past.

"Nostalgia is a common thread in my work," says Hansen in a statement, "but this album wasn't driven by that idea. I see these songs as artifacts from a future which might have more in common with our past than our present."

Dive comes out November 15 on Ghostly International.


1. "A Walk"

2. "Hours"

3. "Daydream"

4. "Dive"

5. "Coastal Brake"

6. "Ascension"

7. "Melanine"

8. "Adrift"

9. "Epigram"

10. "Elegy"