Ty Segall "The Hill" (video)

Ty Segall 'The Hill' (video)
Ty Segall recently teased his upcoming Twins LP, his third collection of the year, with the distortion-dialing garage pop gem "The Hill." In case that headphone trip wasn't wild enough, the dude has now delivered a freaky new vid for the tune starring a bunch of costumed rock'n'roll animals.

Co-directed by Segall and Peter Grimm, the lo-fi clip is presented in glorious washes of VHS snow and stars a bunch of instrument-toting furries that could easily give the Banana Splits a run for their money as the most tripped-out animal band ever. You've got a big goofy dog who whomps out the backbeat, a six-string-slingin' eagle adept in unfurling guitar fuzz, and then there's the prettiest wig-wearing lizard we've ever seen getting groovy in the background.

You can peep the mind-bending party down below.

As previously reported, Twins comes out October 9 through Drag City, and Segall is on and off the road from now until December. Canadian shows are lined up in Toronto and Vancouver, and you can get the details over here.