Two Hours Traffic "Amour Than Amis" (video)

Two Hours Traffic 'Amour Than Amis' (video)
As previously reported, Two Hours Traffic are getting ready to tour behind their upcoming Foolish Blood LP. The crew is clearly hard at work prepping their live show, at least judging by a practice space-locked new video for album track "Amour Than Amis."

While the video finds the Charlottetown indie rockers jamming out the galloping jangle pop number from the safety of someone's garage, the real star of the video is a neighbourhood girl just going about her business. After getting a case of cabin fever, the girl heads outside to test the sturdiness of some tree branches, rides around some empty suburban streets on her bike, and gets in touch with her inner antelope as she hold a few twigs up to her head. She also checks out the band in action, but the gum-snapper seems fairly unimpressed. To each their own.

As previously reported, Foolish Blood drops February 19 through Bumstead. For now, though, you can stream the entire album here on