Two Hours Traffic "Amour Than Amis" (live video)

Two Hours Traffic 'Amour Than Amis' (live video)
We've already heard Two Hours Traffic's new Siren Spell EP, and just as the group hit the road in Canada for a fall tour, they have released a live video showing them perform the new tune "Amour Than Amis."

The clip begins with the band setting up their gear and hanging out at the Trailside Café in their home province of Prince Edward Island. At just past the one-minute mark, they launch into the tumbling groove of the pop-friendly new song.

The room is empty, with daylight flooding in through the windows and all of the chairs up on the tables. It's a very different atmosphere from that of a sweaty rock club, but it will give you some idea of what the band's new material will sound like during their upcoming shows.