Twin Library The Heavy Drag

Twin Library is the solo handle of Michael Betmanis, frontman for prolific Edmonton, AB outfit Public Library. The difference in style between the two bands is pretty subtle ― they even share the same Bandcamp page, where you can download this record free ― so it's unclear where Betmanis makes the distinction. Regardless, The Heavy Drag was knocked out in an Edmonton basement over this past winter and continues Betmanis's penchant for short, lo-fi tunes. While he certainly owes a great debt to Guided By Voices, there's clearly a greater emphasis on the Velvet Underground and Kiwi-pop than the Beatles and the Stones. And there's enough of Betmanis in these eight tracks to make up for the overwhelming influences he proudly wears on his sleeve. But, most importantly, the songs are strong enough to stand on their own. (Independent)