TWA Crackpot Montreal

I’m not an exemplary Canadian; I only took French in elementary school and most definitely don’t know how to speak that fancy language. When faced with the task of reviewing the new album from Montreal’s TWA, I accepted graciously. This is the first chance I will ever get to base something entirely on the music; I can’t read any of the information about them on websites or Myspace (it’s in French!), nor can I understand the lyrics, but with an album this exciting, it really doesn’t matter! With such brutal riffing and fist-pumping rage, I can imagine the lyrics speak of bringing down a system of some sort. On "Emo,” the song is mostly made up of an accented clan messily chanting, "emo, emo, emo, emo, emotion! Emo, emo, emo, emo, indigestion.” If that’s not entertaining, then perhaps the rad little ska-tinged bridge will get you skanking, and the terrific drumming on "C Pas Bon” is sure to leave you scratching your head, same with the worldly soloing that attacks the end of the title track. I feel like a blind man trying to find his way through a forest alone, discovering one surprise after the next! (Slam Disques)