Turbo Fruits Turbo Fruits

Based out of Nashville and featuring two members of Be Your Own Pet, Turbo Fruits play a dirty hybrid of garage, punk and noise. Their self-titled debut on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! imprint demonstrates their messy talent at its fullest. Opener "No Drugs To Use” is a sure-fire party starter with its sing-along chorus and full-blast attack, while "Murder” is a messy blues number that could pass for a the King Khan and BBQ Show B-side. Elsewhere, "Know Too Much” pairs a more complex rhythm with infectious melodic runs, while "I’m Excited” employs a slower stomp before its noise rock finish. With a penchant for killer riffs that benefits from warm and heavy production, Turbo Fruits’ self-titled full-length is a consistent and highly rewarding listen. (Ecstatic Peace)