Troubled Hubble Making Beds in a Burning House

Already on record number four, these Chicago indie rockers have put together a wonderful collection of happy, danceable indie pop songs that rock with all the fervour of early Modest Mouse and Built to Spill. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the latter, Troubled Hubble possess a looser, sillier spirit than their major influences, separating themselves through their use of unique guitar tones on such tracks as the uplifting "I’m Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules.” Opener "14, 000 Things to Be Happy About” is the perfect introduction to the band’s sound, with its incessantly catchy melody and unrelentingly upbeat instrumentation, led by the powerful strumming of a single acoustic guitar. As the album progresses, so does the listener’s willingness to lose themselves in the joyfully imperfect world of Making Beds in a Burning House. (Lookout!)