Triosk/Jelinek 1+3+1

Is this coffee table music for a beat up, old coffee table? Triosk, an Australian jazz trio with a Bill Evans strategy of collective activity and leadership between piano, bass and drums, combines with beat butcher Jan Jelinek to create an oddly smooth jazz record. The clicks and cuts are well in evidence but they're very linear, keeping a steady beat or emphasising the tonal centre created by the band. This is as accessible as IDM might get, the smooth-filtered fender Rhodes and clipped piano parts looped at infinitum creating nothing terribly revolutionary but very hooky. The trio based their parts on Jelinek's loops. They then handed them back to Jelinek to reduce the contents to a thick sauce, hence the method described by the title 1+3+1. This builds alternative possibilities from live content, but not it’s not a terribly psychedelic process; not surpassing Flanger for flashy re-edits of smoky jazz or even Akufen for non-linearity within regular rhythms. There’s just no denying its quiet storm value, though, and I’ve got to give it credit for that. I get the feeling this might have been more impressive a few years ago, but it still sounds like good music. (Scape)