Trick Daddy Back by Thug Demand

Chances are you’re not that into Trick Daddy. That doesn’t faze the ten-year veteran of the Miami rap scene. He’s back by "thug demand” and you ain’t no thug. That’s why he wrote "Tuck Ya Ice,” because wannabe rappers pretend to rock platinum when it’s really white gold. It’s an asinine diss song that’s fun to sing along with; it comes off corny but sounds good. "Booty Doo” opens with Daddy watching an ass clap. It’s juvenile, but charming, which has everything to do with the hypnotic snake charmer beat. Former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh drops the stuttering, staccato beat on "Chevy,” one of the album’s standout tracks, in which Daddy raps about his life using a beat-up ride as a metaphor. Birdman AKA Baby, Young Buck, Chamillionaire and Trina all contribute guest appearances. In the end, only a certain kind of rap fan — those who love gold teeth and yokel-ish lyrics — can grow fond of these braggadocios rhymes endlessly recycled, reduced and reused. (Slip-N-Slide)