Tribes of Neurot Adaptation and Survival: The Insect Project

Neurosis's experimental alter-ego turns on the aural electron microscope and delves deep within the microcosm of the insect world with Adaptation and Survival, an interactive two-disc listening experience that puts the listener within the insect consciousness, where there is much more than meets the ear. The result is a chaotic and almost electronic metropolis/colossus of sound, as if the insects become machines, gathering, fighting and communicating in a frightening yet soothing state of ambient frenzy. Every sound heard here are actual samples of insect sounds manipulated beyond, and each listen yields an altogether different cinematic experience. Although the three-platter vinyl version is more "interactive," the two-CD set (when played with two stereo systems under lawless conditions) exudes enough power, mystery and an infinite and in-depth learning experience into what lies beneath to warrant Tribes of Neurot a feature story in National Geographic. Adaptation and Survival: The Insect Project is definitely the most ambitious sound project in existence to date. (Neurot)