Tranzmitors Bigger Houses Broken Homes/Glamour Girls

Out of Vancouver, this band are an example of what happens when members of a few already well established West coast bands put their love for the Buzzcocks and the Jam together with the aim of kicking their scene in the ass. Comprised of members of the New Town Animals, Smugglers, and the Parallels, the Tranzmitors were dubbed a supergroup from the beginning. "Bigger Houses, Broken Homes” rides out on a chunky bass line and rollicking guitar. Rising into duelling vocals, the song reaches a dramatic dynamic that encompasses the energy and urgency that threads through the music. Poppy without too much bubble gum flavour, "Bigger Houses” captures the infinite enthusiasm and glow that seeps out of every note the Tranzmitors let loose. The b-side’s "Glamour Girls” is equally revved up, chewing and spitting in a reverie of anthemic shouts. Unabashedly ready to embrace a wilder energy and swallow it whole, it’s no wonder the Tranzmitors have declared themselves to be "Jerry Lewis meets the Buzzcocks.” (Deranged)