Transatlantic Bridge Across Forever

Shine up the pocket protectors and dust off the old Yes albums because here comes the latest supergroup in the progressive realm, Transatlantic. Comprised of members of Dream Theater and Marillion, these guys are a supremely talented bunch, which goes without saying. It's not for everyone though; two of the four songs on this 70-minute album are almost half-an-hour long. In a way, it's what you'd expect from such seasoned music nerds: more time changes, structures and patterns in every four-minute segment than the entirety of ...And Justice For All, reprises; long, drifting parts and songs that end how they started. In another way, though, it's a surprise, with its almost Beatle-esque harmonies, lyrics that are better than the genre norm and not too much poodle ballad doodle. When the crisp, lush feel good harmonies of this album shine through, it's enough to make you forget about all the negatives this genre offers, and it's enough to make you forget about all of life's negatives for a few minutes, which is all you can ask for in a band. (Metal Blade)