Tracy and the Plastics Culture for Pidgeon

Tracy and the Plastics is the musical embodiment of Wynne Greenwood’s apparent split personality. Although she enlists the help of the Need’s Rachel Carns (for sampled drums) and Le Tigre’s JD Samson (for bass and beats), Tracy and the Plastics is really wholly her own, an artistic outlet that expresses itself through song as well as video and performance. In each permutation of assertion, the experience is a little different. On record, the most prominent feature is Greenwood’s exceptional vocals; she has that sort of sexy low and vibrating voice that can really carry a song and make up for any pitfalls into electro-predictability. At turns smooth and demanding, this is the recorded Greenwood’s most treasured commodity. The sensitive vulnerability of "Big Stereo” and "Happens” tempers the bold and brash in the fashionable dance tracks between, where a trumpet sample in "Henrietta” fits like a glove around her warm, rattling coos. "Save Me Claude” and "Quaasars” serve as the serious ladies’ dance/shout-out tracks that should work as well in clubs as kitchens. The bonus DVD showcases two of her videos, which are certainly worth watching and relevant to the rest of the work. (Troubleman)