Toronto's TOVI Announces 'Hard Feelings' EP

Listen to the record's title track
Toronto's TOVI Announces 'Hard Feelings' EP
Toronto's TOVI — the synth-rock project of Alberta-born Rebecca Emms — has announced plans for a new EP titled Hard Feelings. The record arrives on April 9, and today, Emms has shared its title track.

For the EP, Emms enlisted producer Josh Korody, as well as Death From Above 1979's Jesse F Keeler to helm the mastering and Mike Lizola Rocha to do the mixing.

"At the time of recording (pre-COVID), I was living at home in Alberta," explained Emms. "I was able to fly out to Toronto for a week to work with Josh Korody who I'd never actually met or spoken to before we jumped into recording the EP!"

She added: "I think there's an immediacy to these songs that comes from that situation. A nervousness, the pressure to put your best foot forward working with someone you don't know. It worked out!"

Following up her 2018 Western Canadian Music Award-nominated EP Midnight Hum, Emms has embraced the "tender and explosive moments."

"It's masculine but feminine. Tough but soft — both sonically and lyrically," TOVI said of Hard Feelings.

Listen to "Hard Feelings" below, where you can also find the EP's tracklisting.

Hard Feelings:

1. Hard Feelings
2. Wandering
3. This Could Have Been a Love Song
4. Falling