Toronto's Oh No Forest Fires Call It Quits

Toronto's Oh No Forest Fires Call It Quits
Toronto indie poppers Oh No Forest Fires are throwing in the towel after just one album and three years of shows.

The band will make their last live appearance on January 23 at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern. The group announced the breakup via their Facebook page for the event, where they left a semi-cryptic message regarding why they were breaking up.

"Sometimes, good things come to an end. Sometimes, things that are good and that also jump around and play a little too loud even in small rooms and we're really sorry but we yell at you and tell you to make out with your friends and to believe in something you can taste and to be okay with what's actually happening around you, those things also come to an end."

The band will be joined by friends the Darcys, Songs from a Room and Arietta. Tickets to the show are only $7.

Oh No Forest Fires released their sole album The War on Geometry back in 2007.